Stick it to the Man

Some days it really feels as if I’m stuck in the Matrix. Everyday is the same. Get up. Go to work. Go home. It’s like Groundhog day, only worse. Punching a clock just so that I can pay the bills and taxes of course. All of us walking to work in our zombie-status moving along slowly like cattle or sheep. Deep down we all dream of breaking free and being more than just a number. We need to stop waiting for things to happen to us and create our own change and opportunities. If we wait too long then it’ll be too late.

We are all so busy conforming and doing the ‘right’ thing that we end up doing things we hate and not being true to ourselves. I’m not saying break the law. But live a little. Call in a sick day at work. Before paying your bills treat yourself and buy that one thing you’ve been wanting for months. Don’t accept things at face value petition, march and fight for what you believe in. Make a difference.


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