Don’t you just hate it when

you wake up on a Sunday morning happy that you can sleep in only to realise that it is actually Monday morning and you are going to be sooooo late for work if you don’t get your ass out of bed ASAP. This realisation creeps up on you slowly, you first get the feeling that something isn’t quite right but as you snuggle under your blankets you can’t figure out exactly why you’re feeling anxious. And then it hits you IT IS MONDAY and all your hopes and dreams crumble in an instant. Why oh why do you have to get up and why oh why must the weekend always end so soon?

On the flip side however don’t you just love it when the reverse happens: you wake up with a feeling of dread for the coming day and as you get out of bed thinking it’s Monday you realise it’s Sunday and this warm feeling starts radiating from the centre of your being and you have never felt this happy in your life as you do at that exact moment.

PS Enjoy work this coming week.


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