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My guiltless pleasure

book lover

After a few really rough weeks at work all I wanna do this weekend is stay in bed and read. Books are my temporary escape from the real world and reading might be a dying art. I’m always amazed by the amount of people who say they never read books, this is just something that my poor little mid cannot fathom. Do they not know what they are missing out on. And calling us bookworms losers is really mature guys, I do have a life I just don’t have this constant need to fill it with people and activities 24/7.

Another thing non readers don’t seem to get is that if you find me reading I want to be left alone. Do not disturb me. Do not talk to me. The amount of energy it takes to drag myself out of that book to look up and pretend to listen to what you saying and then nod along so that I can get you to leave me alone is the same amount of energy that is used to power a small town.

So yes I love books and reading, I’m a nerd and I’m proud to be one.


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