Don’t forget about You

Most females my age are now either married with kids or wanting to get married and settle down. I, on the other hand am in space in my life where I’m not entirely sure what I want but I do know that my biological is definitely not ticking ( I have a biological clock?) In fact I’m not even entirely sure if I want children (might have to freeze some ovaries just in case I change my mind) and once I’ve pursued every dream and goal of mine and discover that I’ve run out of time to have my own then I will be quite happy to adopt.

I think too many of us ladies in our pursuit for white picket fences, soccer mom station wagons, golden retrievers and 2.4 kids give up on our dreams and live quiet lives of desperation. Being Superwoman is overrated, doing it all and having it all is not the answer and it’s not even easy. If you are happily married with kids I’m not saying throwing it all away and become a gypsy just don’t lose sight of who you are and do not let the mundane everyday stuff distract you. Take a time out and spend some quality time with yourself. How can you be nurturer to your family if you don’t nurture yourself.

As for me all I want to do is travel and live life to the fullest and try everything on my bucket list because one day when my adopted child has children grandma is going to have some really cool stories to tell. Until then I’m buying a Tamagotchi to get some practise in raising a child (I know, I know not quite the same thing…..well almost)



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