Humorous, Life

Don’t hit snooze

I always seem to fall into this trap, especially on a Monday morning. My alarm is set for 6.45am and the minute it goes off I hit the snooze button and I continue to do so until a bleary-eyed me wakes up with a start and jumps out of bed at 8.12am. This is my daily routine. I never deviate from this despite the fact that I hate rushing or being late for work. And of course every morning I tell myself that I’m going to go to bed early, yeah that never happens, except maybe once every leap year.

I can relate as to why Garfield hates Mondays so, it’s a day filled with meetings and reports especially if you work in fashion. And forget TGIF, the minute I get to work on a Monday I wish that the week could just end and wait with bated breath for Friday to roll around once more. Sometimes I feel like I’m wishing my life away, surely I’m not meant to feel like this. Some days I love my job other times I hate it so much I’d rather chew off my own arm. Well let me get off to bed (not), I’ll rephrase, let me get comfy for a marathon session of American Idol.


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