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The Script concert Cape Town 26 June

I’ve been to a few concerts in my life but I must say this was without a doubt the best concert I’ve ever been to. These Irish lads are not only hot but super talented. And previously I thought that it was sad that the bald guy whose name is Mark by the way can’t be good looking cos he is always hiding in the background is actually gorgeous…sigh.

After the concert however the usual post concert ailments took hold of me. The zinging ears, the hoarse (kinda sexy) voice, and a pounding head but it was all worth it and I’m currently suffering from Danny withdrawal symptoms even Glen is not too shabby. I was right in front so close I could see their pores. And those accents are to die for, makes me weak in the knees, never has swearing sounded this sexy. Note to self: Must go to Irish pubs and find Irish man.

Anyway I’m throwing away my career to travel the world and follow them wherever they go (no, no not a groupie) before settling down in Ireland and then watch them grow old.

P.S. As soon as I’ve figured out how to post videos on my blog – I’ll post a little clip I took at the concert.


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