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Don’t you just hate it when

As I have shared something positive today, it’s time to go back to my roots. Today I’ve got a little bonus for my readers (all 4 of them, you guys know who you are). I have 3 ‘don’t you just hate it whens’ today gotta make up for lost time you know, I haven’t posted anything new since last week.

1) So don’t you just hate it when you go into a store and the sales people hover around you asking if you need help, if I needed help I would call you. Sometimes it’s so bad that I feel uncomfortable and am then too self-conscious to touch anything lest my dirty grubby fingers soils their merchandise. And the attitude of some of ’em you’d think they own the store.

2) Maybe I can still deal with the shop assistants but the waiters who just as you about to take a bite from your triple-decker burger wants to know if you enjoying your meal  so you look up sheepishly with your mouth gaping and nod yes or even worse you’ve already bitten off more than you can chew and you need to mumble a response. I’m convinced they enjoy some sick sadistic pleasure doing that. (any service industry people reading this please oh please don’t spit in my food)

3) And don’t you just hate it when people and by people I mean annoying friends and colleagues send you chain letter emails. Especially those of the religious kind telling you to forward on to 10 friends and if you don’t you going to be cursed for the rest of your life and burn in hell. Excuse me but when did any of the prophets have access to the internet or email. Yes, they could speak to God but that was it, so please don’t tell me this letter has been circulating since before 1400 B.C or before the time of the burning bush. And no I will not send the “candle” to my friends if this so-called “candle” managed to make it around the world in 80 days well then it can continue to do so without me.

Oh well that’s just me.


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