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Tuesdays can also be blue

I am not a morning person let’s just get that straight. I only crawl out of my shell at about noon, this is probably due to the fact that I don’t drink coffee so I’ve got nothing to kick start my system with for the new day.

Today did not start well, after realising I have no clothes and that going to work without any is generally frowned upon I finally managed to throw something on hoping I don’t come across as being colour blind.

Every day is busy day at work and today was no exception but more often than not these days I am feeling a bit anxious about going to work. (Must look into that as the ‘snagging rich husband plan’ is not working. However the past few days have been particularly bad with interruptions every minute I have no idea how they expect me to work under these conditions. I prefer working alone but that’s not always an option in an open plan office with 30 other people – this makes me feel very stabby i.e. homocidal tendencies and the uncontrollable desire to stab something or preferably someone.

Don’t they realise how unproductive I am if they keeping asking me stupid questions every 5 minutes? Obviously not as this seems to be a daily trend.  My meditations seem to not be working (I must be lighting the cigarette on the wrong side) ha ha just kidding I don’t smoke and if I did it would have to be stronger stuff than just plain old nicotine.

But wait let me get back to my breathing exercises and will need mantra – “must not think of stabbing colleagues in the face”  Repeat 100 times. Sigh.


One thought on “Tuesdays can also be blue

  1. Hey you cant go stabbing people you’ll end up in prison probably ending up being someone’s BITCH lol than who will write the blog that has become my dosage for the day

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