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Don’t you just hate it when

…….after having finished an intense book or really gripping tv series an empty feeling engulfs you and you sit there and wonder…Now what??

Never mind that you’re sleep deprived, your eyes are bloodshot and it’s 3am on a school night. You also somewhat reluctant to start something new as you still feel connected to the characters from the book/series you just finished. You can’t just betray them like that and taint your memory with a new adventure. But you also don’t want to stare into space or get a proper life. How can you go on? You feel so lost and confused.

So my advise is to get a buffer, a quick fix whereby you not jumping into the next all-consuming book/series and something that you won’t get attached to. An example would be a romance novel (gasp!!) I know, but “The Italian billionaire’s virgin bride baby bargain one night stand” is just the thing. Alternatively a few episodes of Friends is very calming and soothing for the soul as you don’t need to do much thinking.

After that it’s all systems go and you ready to start something else.


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