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“incredibly average and yet heroic if necessary.”

This is how author Janet Evanovich describes Stephanie Plum a character from a series of novels she has written. I really enjoy the series and was amped when I discovered there was a film adaptation of the first book ‘One for the money’. This got me thinking about the books again and this was also when I started realising the parallels between myself and Ms. Plum.

Stephanie grew up in the Chambersburg neighborhood known to locals as “the Burg” – I grew up in Woodstock known to the locals as “the Stock”

Stephanie graduated college “without distinction” – I’m still busy studying but I’m hoping to graduate with distinction

Stephanie married Dickie Orr, then promptly divorced him.  The divorce was not at all friendly, and they stopped talking to each other. – I’m divorced won’t say is wasn’t friendly but it wasn’t pleasant and I would love to stop talking to him but he refuses to leave me alone.

Stephanie has been laid off from her job as a lingerie buyer – I work with the buyers in the lingerie depart as sourcing merchandiser (haven’t been laid off, yet)

Stephanie originally hopes to find a file clerk job at the Bail Bonds office but the position was taken, and the only position available is as an apprehension agent or bounty hunter – I’m still looking for my dream job but I don’t want it to involve filing and I might be adventurous but I do know I don’t want to be a bounty hunter.

Stephanie’s financial situation is still rather perilous, partially due to her poor financial skills, and she often finds herself seeking alternative ways to earn money in order to pay her bills – I’m juggling 2 credit cards – nuff said!!

Stephanie Plum is single and living with her hamster, Rex, in an apartment building with predominantly elderly neighbors.  – I’m single, no hamster but am thinking of getting a goldfish.

She revisits her parents who live several miles away in the Burg for meals, “family time,” – Before moving back home I used to constantly visit my mom for food, I’m pretty much hopeless in the kitchen.

Italian-Hungarian descent, fast metabolism, uncontrollable brown curly hair, and blue eyes  – Dutch-Cape Malay descent, slow metabolism, uncontrollable brown frizzy hair, and brown eyes.

Her maternal grandmother – Stephanie relates to Grandma Mazur more than any other member of her family – Sadly my Gran has passed on but we were very close.

Bob is a big golden retriever that Stephanie was conned into taking – I had a golden retriever who I had to give up for adoption – I did feel like I was conned into doing that.

Joe Morelli is Stephanie’s on-and-off boyfriend, a former bad boy turned vice cop. He is also known as Officer Hottie or the Italian Stallion – Currently no on-and-off Italian boyfriend but I’m learning to speak the language so fingers crossed.

Ranger is Stephanie’s fellow bounty hunter and tutor and sometimes known as Batman because of his mysterious ways. Ranger is Cuban-American, and drives a rotation of very expensive black cars – I do happen to have a ‘friend’, he’s super hot and is always driving some kind of sex-on-wheels car. Not entirely sure what the status of our ‘friendship’ is.

Stephanie is infamous for destroying cars – Well just over a month ago I wrecked my first car, yay!! – total write off and I’m currently without one.

And we both think we fairly bad-ass but in the meantime I’ll wait for the movie and see if Katherine Hiegl does it justice.


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