introvert, Life

Yes really, Yes again

Why do people find it so hard to believe that I am quite happy to stay home and read my book. during the week I work hard and after work I usually have classes. So when weekend rolls around all I want is some downtime after being around others the whole week. I need some alone time to recharge my lil introverted batteries.

And contrary to popular belief reading is fun. I am capable of shaking my booty till 4 in the morning to but I choose not to. The first phase of my youth (and I refuse to say ‘when I was young’ cos well I still am young) was spent on clubbing and parties, my second phase will be spent doing things that really makes me happy. Life’s too short to spend in a dark room with strobe lights, loud music and meeting people where generally no lasting connections will made.

So tonight I will be snuggling up in bed with my book after all it’s winter, it’s really cold and wet out.


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