Seagulls are not my best friend

Someone once told me that pigeons are the rats of the sky. But pigeons are merely the goodfellas (goodfeathers in animaniacs) it’s seagulls who you have to watch out for. They are the gangster mafia Dons. The vultures you need to watch for. People, They, Whoever are always warning us not to feed the baboons and I’m sure that is very good advise but it’s the seagulls that you shouldn’t feed.

So there I was sitting at the Waterfront amphitheatre enjoying a meal and minding own business, when out of nowhere this Seagull (demon bird) swoops down and takes the chip that I was about to put into my mouth from my hand. I yelped as I got such a fright and that day will forever be the day I started hating seagulls. Whenever I went anywhere where I knew there would be seagulls I would be a lil bit weary and always keep my one eye on them. And then I started noticing how vile they really are. They bossy, domineering, they lie, steal and cheat. And must be the unfriendliest animal out there.


2 thoughts on “Seagulls are not my best friend

  1. WAKES says:

    a bit harsh,but true.however they are fascinating to watch.
    more importantly they are true survivors.i recently found myself and my three
    daughters at the beach in houtbay.i was eating an apple and decided to share.i bit pieces off and threw it in the air.after the second throw they were hovering over my head.there were a lot of them and were about two arm lenghts above us creating a blanket effect where i could see only pieces of the sky.their nearness and the flutter of their wings on this quiet Saturday morning with very few other people was truly exciting and thrilling.we even manage to take some foto’s.i’m sure that in most cases we are their meal ticket for the day or maybe they are just too lazy to work for their food like some people.i’m sure if there was something else for them to eat at any given time they would not bother with conclusion i love and admire all kinds of birds especially for their
    surviving skills and mostly for their i will try to get you a book that i once read about an african golden was one of those condensed readers digest books and it was without doubt one of the most fascinating and enjoyable books i ever read about animals.anyways keep on it.

    • my name actually means royal falcon. so I do understand how amazing these birds of flight can be. but these seagulls just really get to me. no manners whatsoever.

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