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One day we’ll see you again Mozambique Pt. 2

The adults turned to their and seeing their crestfallen faces asked them one of the most important decisions they’ll ever make.

“Do you guys still wanna go home?” A unanimous YES was heard and they started making plans to get to the nearest town on the South African side of the border. After hitching a ride they arrived in Komatiepoort. Rody went to the police station to explain our situation and the constable assured us we will not be stranded and that he would arrange a place for them all to stay. Next was a trip to the bank and then the first miracle of the day happened, the balance of Rody’s money was cleared and we would have enough and go home and then some.

They went back to the constable and thanked him profusely for his help but they told him they were heading home. After lunch they bought train tickets to Jo’burg and so the real journey home began. This is where Shay’s love for train rides was rekindled. Everyone was shown to their sleeper compartment and they all decided to rest after the traumatic day that they had. however sometime during the night they realised it was getting colder and had to change from the staple summer Mozambique clothes into something warmer.

Arriving in Jo’burg on Easter was a bit of a disaster we couldn’t get a bus or train down to Cape Town immediately so they had to book themselves into a hotel for the night. First thing everyone did when getting to their rooms was a hot shower which was really missed as you just didn’t take hot showers in Mozambique. The following day we decided to explore as this was everyone’s first time in JHB and our bus was only due to leave the evening. Jo’burg is bustling city something Cape Townians are not used to. At one of the malls there was a Mondoza performance they happened to catch. After a full day of expolring they headed back to catch their bus. Boarding at 6pm and finally this time for real on their way home.

Catching bits and pieces of sleep the next morning eventually came and the excitement of seeing Table Mountain again after so long was a relief and a joy.

They made it back home.

Please note no humans or lizards were hurt during this time there was just one incident where the doctor had to make a house call and miraculously nobody contracted malaria.

Everybody settled back into their old lives but this is one adventure that none of them will forget and maybe one day they will return.


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