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I’ll be there for you

If there’s one show I never tire of, it’s Friends, unlike other shows you can watch it over and over. Even if you know the punchlines you’ll come across that one chapter where you’ll be like “WHAT, HOW COME I NEVER HEARD THAT JOKE BEFORE” whilst simulatenously falling off the couch, clutching my stomach, wiping away my tears with my third hand and trying not to pee in my pants.

I still can’t decide who is my favourite but it’s between Monica, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe or Rachel oh no wait that’s all of them. Ok let me try this again, if I absolutely have to choose then it must be the Gellers the funnier sibling being neurotic Monica although Ross has his moments.

My personal favourites are:

The one where the girls lose their apartment to the guys which I think is called the one with the embryos

The one with the routine (Ross and Monica doing their old dance routine)

The one with all the candy (where Monica makes holiday candy for the neighbours)

The one with Monica’s boots (where her blood allegedly fills her shoes)

The one with the late thanksgiving and Monica’s vein “spoke”

See there is the proof – Monica is my favourite.

I can go on and on but I won’t, well realistically I can’t there are just too many good episodes.

And in my darkest hours when I needed cheering up they were there for me.


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