Have guitar. Will play for money.

I got my guitar last year as a gift and it has been collecting dust, the guilt then finally propelled me into going for some lessons. My first lesson was this week and to say it did not go well is an under statement.

My instructor Billie, a music and sound engineering student, first explained to me the parts of the guitar, then all the chords and finally I had to tune my guitar. Most of this lesson was theory that felt alot like math and I blanked out for a bit. After playing some chords for him I was relieved when the lesson ended as my finger were really starting to hurt. Apparently in time it won’t hurt as much as one grows callouses on the fingertips which then makes it less painful – Ew gross much?

Despite all this though I am still looking forward to my next lesson. I hear so many people saying they wanna learn to play guitar but nobody really does anything about, well people stop wishing and start doing and yes it is that easy. Or at least get Guitar Hero. Ans soon I’ll be starting a band baby.


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