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Save the cheerleader, save the world

Or better yet plant a tree. At some point in our lives we all wanna give back or do something meaningful and not just by donating some money to some organisation. I mean it will ease your conscious for a while but there comes a time when we need to get in there and get dirty. Whether its volunteering to help out at an old age home or orphanage, there is so much that one can do.

Me, cos I’m not so great with people started looking for organisations that is bent on saving this planet before the human race causes it to self-destruct. I was always seeing this carbon free ad on TV where you can donate money to have trees planted but that wouldn’t be enough for me I need to be one with mother nature. Then I came across this organisation called Greenpop where you can not only donate money to plant trees but you can also volunteer to to do the actual planting.

Unfortunately for us nine to fivers most of their planting days are during the week with only the occasional weekend thrown in. Other times there are weekends away at forests and reserves where they sometimes end up planting over 1000 trees.

Still it’s something worth checking out so give it a go if wanna spend a day outdoors and feel that you’ve done something meaningful. No point trying to save everyone in the world if there is no world to save.


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