comedy, Life

Don’t you just hate it when

(This one is for the Ladies)
…….on the day you decide to do your hair the weather starts playing tricks on you. You wake up in the morning and its sunny outside so you whip out your GHD and flat-iron your hair to within an inch of it’s life.
And as you head out looking great of course with just a slight summer breeze blowing through giving you that desired Bollywood effect without having the creepy guy with the fan following you around.
And then you sense it  you can even smell it……..a drop in the temperature. Oh how the winds of change come when you least expect it. Was that a drop you felt on your head? NOOOOOO it can’t be. Why is life so cruel? You didn’t even pack in your back up hair band. There’s no cover, you can’t escape and 5 minutes later you look like Lionel Ritchie.

And in your haste to escape you crash into cute guy coming out of shop. Mortfying. Gasp. Horror of all horrors.

Ethnic hair my ass. Being politically correct isn’t going to make me feel better, we all know what everybody is really calling it. It starts with a C or K depending where in SA you’re from.


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