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Surf’s up

One of the Extreme Angels actvities included a surfing lesson and we were all amped. Even though Muizenberg is apparently shark city and that black flag almost never makes it down. Which is not helping me get over my fear of the ocean.

 My first time getting into a wetsuit was hard, it’s like a mini workout. Do it 10 times and you would have lost 600kj.

Our teacher looked like a typical surfer dude tall, skinny, bleached blonde hair and sunkissed skin.

We took to the water after he briefed us on all the tips and warnings. And he was in the water to guide us and push us into waves.

I fell in love with surfing instantly and after being in the water for 10 minutes I knew I wanted to do this again and I did.

A few months after this lesson I signed up for the 4 month surf programme with Roxy Surf school for girls in Muizenberg and I haven’t looked back. After getting my own wetsuit I am now saving up for my own board (either a longboard or minimal) as I am still busy learning.

I can’t describe the feeling you get when you catch that wave that is only something a fellow surfer can relate to. Just know this that it is awesome!!!

I just wanna add one more thing – a big thanks to my friend Taryn who never said no to anything I suggested – its great having a buddy you can do cool stuff with. 


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