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Suicide Gorge

Kloofing at Suicide Gorge in the Hottentots Holland Mountains near Grabouw – also known as the day I looked Death in its eyes. 

Below is an excerpt from Cape Xtreme’s website explaining what Kloofing is:

Kloofing otherwise known as canyoning; is a uniquely Western Cape experience. It involves getting yourself down a river gorge; one that is fast-flowing; but with too little water for kayaking. Boulder hopping, wading, swimming, climbing, sliding down natural slides and jumping off cliffs from 3 – 21 metres high is what you will be doing.

The hike up to the gorge was the easy part what followed I can only describe as Fear Factor on steroids. I never knew I was afraid of heights until I did this. My friend Ruwayda who joined for this fun filled day was giving me death stares the entire time and our guide was losing patience with us because we took forever to do our jumps.

After about the 4th cliff we had to jump off we reached a 10-12m cliff, it’s a long way down and this was a defining moment for me. There was no turning back and without hesitating I jumped. I did not expect to feel the rush that I did after that jump and every cliff after that one was a breeze. Oops did I speak to soon? We finally reached the 20m jump one I was not prepared to make and I hiked it down instead.  Although jumping would have been a safer option as no need for you to navigate your way down slippery rocks and quite possibly plummeting to your death which I almost did if Ruwayda didn’t grab my arm in the nick of time. Am I being a tad bit dramatic? Maybe. If not my death, well then I could have seriously injured myself.

After finally making it all the way to the bottom of the gorge I thought all my worries was over. But alas no, it seems there was 90 degree angle hike still to be made to get out of the gorge (the name Suicide Gorge should have set off warning bells). Parts of it I practically crawled but the feeling of achievment when I made it back to the van in one piece is one I will always remember.

 I will probably never do this again but at least I can say that i did and that’s enough for me. Sadly our waterproof camera didn’t have any great pics. If there were pics it would have looked something like this.


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