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Sometimes parents are so funny

My mother could never understand how I could spend the whole day in my bed watching a TV series on my laptop. She would always be saying “you’re gonna grow attached to you bed” or “don’t you need some fresh air?” She’s someone who can’t still for too long, never watches TV and hates watching a programme that she has to follow.

Anyway I ‘ve been watching House M.D. for the past month and she couldn’t understand my obsession until one day by chance she happened to see one episode. And the rest is history. I never stood a chance. She’s constantly at my laptop, sometimes she is up until 3am in the morning watching House on a SCHOOL NIGHT!!! And then she complains about how she is a brain dead zombie at work. I guess I had to give her some tips on how to watch a series ie take a few breaks woman before you kill yourself.

I’m glad she’s enjoying it though – although it’s not so great when she tells me that she would ‘do’ Hugh Laurie. That is just more than I ever needed to know.


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