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Sibling Rivalry

I have a 22 year old brother and he has got to be the most annoying person I know. Maybe God put him on this earth to torture me and if he did well then God has a sense of humour.

As any woman/girl who has ever lived with someone of the opposite sex (read ex husband and annoying brother) will know that they have a unique way of doing things. Oh how they love leaving their things laying around and by things I mean mountain heaps of their crap that they never use and God forbid you should throw any of it away cos It’ll be the start of World War 80. Even when they do something as simple as taking a shower it looks as if a hurricane/tornado swept through the bathroom with soggy towels being the unsuspecting victims and leaving a wake of terror and other unimaginables laying in its path of destruction.

Then there is the fridge – if you drink the last bit of milk out of the carton then throw it away you moron. Someone (me) will come along and will have to deal with it. Poor me and there I still thought the last piece of cake is for the taking but no it’s just an empty container.

He also incapable of taking out the garbage on garbage day – his one and only chore. Doing the dishes is akin to asking him to have a sex change.

He does have some redeeming qualities though and as soon as I know what they are I will let you all know.



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