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Must. Love. Sushi.

If you wanna know how to take your addiction to the next level then keep reading. And by next level I don’t mean growing pot in your backyard or running a meth lab from your garage.  My addiction is sushi, I love sushi! Something I discovered 4 years ago and don’t know how I survived without it most of my adult life. So like any obsessed addict I needed to be able to get my fix whenever I wanted it. ENTER. Subarshi. A sushi bar in Cape town who offered a beginner class at R250. Sadly they have now closed down but Florentines in Claremont also offers sushi classes for anyone who is interested.

All ingredients are given to you in the class but below is what you will need if you make your sushi at home:

Must have a very sharp knife cos cutting layers of avo takes precision – and when I say sharp think of Kevin Costener cutting Whitney Houston’s scarf in The Bodyguard with his ninja sword.

Rice to be prepared the night before – this will make it easier and less sticky to work with – Pick n Pay sells sushi rice and its easy enough to prepare. You will need to buy rice vinegar as well. Other condiments that you’ll need is wasabi, pickled ginger and mayo for sushi.

Next place your nori sheets (seaweed) on rolling mat and cut nori in half. You only need half a sheet of nori to make one roll. Now you will spread a layer of rice and add any other goodies you like e.g. salmon, prawn, avo, cream cheese even sticky buffalo wings if thats your thing. You can pretty much do what you want but its still good to go to a class for the basics.

We got taught how to make salmon roses, cream cheese maki,prawn nigiri, rainbow roll and a california roll – Which I must say looked and tasted good. Yes I made that – hard to believe hey.

After making it a few times at home after class I realised that even though its easy to make it takes too damn long and I don’t have the patience. So I’ve practically got my fave sushi bars on speed dial.


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