Mandarin Chinese…not for the faint-hearted

So end of last year when being extreme got tired I thought it’s time to feed the big noggin and the grey matter that lies therein. I thought why not learn a language beacuse well I love languages and have always been interested in learning one. And because I work in fashion I thought “hey wouldn’t it be useful if I learnt how to speak Chinese” Ha ha ha. It would have been more useful if I just used the money to buy shoes.

Let me tell you I think this must be the hardest language to learn. It also sounds really funny if you’re not used to hearing it and my first few lessons I couldn’t stop laughing. I think the others in the class got annoyed with me although its hard to tell cos I wouldn’t have been able to hear them over my own laughter.

Eventually I got serious and started to pay attention in class so much so that my teacher said I have a good Chinese accent. Now people you must know I have never been to China, have no Chinese friends or family. I’m a coloured chick from Cape Town. That ‘compliment’ however made me want to do better. There wasn’t time for her to teach us the characters but we learnt the language using the pinyin system (Chinese using letters from the English alphabet) and even then sounds of certain letters were different as to what it would be in English.

When exam time rolled around I was in a bit of a panic but I didn’t do too bad. Please however don’t ask me to say anything cos I only remember a few phrases. I guess I should go back and do the intermediate and advanced course but I’m just too lazy.

I’ve still got the books and CD’s so who knows I might just teach myself the rest.




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