Extreme Angels Part 2

Ok so I used to be afraid of the ocean and I figured the only way to overcome it was to get into it. And that’s exactly what I did, I signed up for a day of kayaking and snorkelling. Me and the girls were a little bit concerned about sharks as we would be kayaking in Simonstown but our guide reassured us that we had nothing to fear.

After arriving at Simonstown waterfront we geared up and got our kayaks. 2 girls per kayak, a navigator who sits in front and who guides the captain. I was a captain so got to do all the steering. Was a bit tricky in the beginning as I managed to knocked into a boat..oops. After a few tries I had mastered the art of steering and off we went. I must say my navigator did a pretty good job and soon we were heading out of the waterfront and into the deep blue sea. Let me just say this – the ocean is a scary beautiful thing. Kept visualising our kayak being capsized by a shark, going overboard and becoming a nice snack for Sharky and his mates. Luckily this did not happen and all our fears was unwarranted. What did however happen was that we got stuck in some seaweed and had a bit of a struggle to get out of it.

By now my arms were killing me already and I couldn’t wait to get to our destination, I was already worrying about how I was going to manage to paddle all the way back. Finally dry land where we could take a break and those who were keen could snorkel. Ok Bikini Bottom where Spongebob lives may be cute but looking at what lies beneath is pretty creepy. Once we sufficiently rested (ok, ok I lie we all pretty much wanted to die at this stage) we headed back to where we came from. I was convinced my arms were going to fall off and was wondering how being armless will impact on my day job and my life.

Heading back seemed to take even longer and we were all relived to be back where we started as by now we were starving. Luckily there were enough restaurants nearby for us to get something to eat. Everyone was on a high for actually having survived and we thought that the worst was over. Little did we know that when we got home our bodies would be in a world of pain and would take a few days to recover.

Note to self: Never go kayaking ever again!!


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