Extreme Angels Part 1

Well 2010 started with me wanting to be more adventurous and trying new things. I decided every month to try a new extreme sport/activity. First on the agenda was sandboarding, all I had to do was email some friends, see who was keen and so Extreme Angels was born. A group of girls who were hungry for a new adventure.

Did some online searching and came across a really cool company based in Cape Town called Cape Xtreme who organised a day of fun in the sun and sand for us (at a discounted rate!!)  So bright and early on a Saturday morning we were on our way to the picturesque sand dunes of Atlantis (not the lost city) the one that is less than an hours drive from Cape Town.

40 minutes later we have arrived and our friendly guide (major eye candy) handed out boards to each of us and so our trek to ‘our dune’ began. Once there we were briefed on the do’s and don’ts and after waxing our boards (yes, wax on, wax off) we were ready to go. Sliding down those dunes were fast paced and exhilirating if you can manage to stay on and not fall over and tumble down. But the falling was half the fun and never did I get sand trapped in so many places. And let me say this it is not easy, might look easy, but looks can be deceiving.

After an hour we took a snack break and to hydrate all this hard work in the sun is draining. After our breather we were back on our boards to enjoy our last few rides down before heading back to van and the drive back to Cape Town.

A great day out and I was already planning the next adventure……stay tuned for Part 2


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